WHMIS - Workplace Hazardous Material Information System

WHMIS training; 
We offer whmis online for your compliance convenience.  When you purchase whmis online we can include a free online spill response training course,


Upon successful completion of this workshop, employees will receive a Workplace Hazardous Material Information System Certificate.  We recommend that full retraining take place at least every three years and that the employer complete competency evaluation annually of all employees. 

Program design

This course is flexible and versatile in adapting to the needs of the participants.  Scenarios are utilized to be consistent with the work environments of the participants.  The delivery is lively and fun, in a non-threatening environment and participants are evaluated and assisted throughout to minimize the anxiety associated with written assessment of knowledge.  Humour is used generously to maintain a relaxed atmosphere, and participants are encouraged to share their experiences.  The application of adult learning principles results in a highly interactive atmosphere.  All of the essentials are covered and highlights of the proposed Global Harmonization System GHS are included.

Workshop Format
1.On-site education
2.Small and large group discussions
3.Case studies
4.Stress free testing format in a relaxed atmosphere - written

Duration: 3 hours 

What You Will Learn
The workshop includes these performance objectives, which cover the following topics:

*how WHMIS is implemented in law;
*how the law defines a controlled product
*how the law defines hazardous ingredients
*Identify the exclusions
*Identify what is meant by a hazardous physical agent
*Identify the additional employer duties created by WHMIS
*the requirements for labelling
*the requirements for Material Safety Data Sheets
*the requirements for worker training.